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The Devil's river

Мysterious river - the real paradise

The mysterious Devil’s River is a true paradise for romantics.
Its quiet waters and unique atmosphere are a great place to relax. Walking along its valley is gives and fills you with positive energy. The picturesque views of the reed forest , where the river passes are beautiful and unforgettable.  The Devil’s River is the place for many fishermen to practice their hobby. Here are swiming the mullet, black barrel and other marsh species.
Whether you choose to just walk along the river or fish, this place will definitely fascinate you with its beauty.


Mystic place and positive energy

Only 3 km north of Primorsko is one of the very mystical places on the bulgarian Black Sea coast – Begliktash. As archaeologists say, Begliktash is related to the old cult of the Goddess Mother and the Sun God and the stages of their marriage. Probably the place also served as an initiation of the Thracians in the Orphic doctrine. According to archaeological findings discovered so far, it is believed that the sanctuary was built in 14 BC.
The Begliktash area was the main sanctuary of the Thracian “Skirmians” tribe of the most ancient metallurgists in Thrace. They inhabited the coastal hills of Strandzha in the so-called Copper Ridge and supplied copper ore to other Thracian tribes and coastal peoples and their ruler. , and his residence was built high above the river on the famous rock called “The Lion’s Head” 3 km. west of Begliktash – the main sanctuary. The road between them marks the sacred space that houses complexes of Thracian mounds, dolmens and small rock sanctuaries. This wealth of ancient monuments prompts the Primorsky Mountain on the right bank of Ropotamo to be called the Sacred Mountain of Thracians – Metallurgists.

Strandzha Natural park

The magic of nature

Primorsko and hotel Orios are situated nearby the biggest Bulgarian natural park Strandzha. Here one can find 54 mammals, 261 types of birds, rich fauna , many reptiles and insects. In the natural park the plants types are more than 1650 , 113 of them endangered and part of the Red Book.

The guests of hotel Orios and Primorsko could have a walk in this wonderful park using some of the eight eco paths and to enjoy the varied and rich flora and fauna of this magical and unforgetable place.

Ropotamo Reserve

Kingdom of waterlilies

The reserve covers an area of 1 000.7 ha and extends around the two banks of the Ropotamo River. The river has a total length of 50 km, and all its beauty comes from the magnificent dense forest and beautiful waterlilies. Tall elms, ash trees, maples and other tree species have woven and overhanged branches over calm waters. In the lower reaches, the waters are widely spilled and form lush meadows. Here you can see the most beautiful part of the river – the estuary, surrounded by forests, green hills and sand dunes. The Ropotamo Reserve also enjoys diverse fauna.

The Cape of Olives is the easternmost point of Strandzha and is the third largest on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Its steep slopes make it inaccessible. In the past, he had the bad reputation of being on the front of many ships crashing into his sharp rocks. Since most of them were loaded with olive oil amphorae, this place was called the Oil Cape.






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