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These conditions for online-reservation are offered by hotel Orios – Primorsko, configure the applicant and are paid by the customer. You must send the booking form by the customer side via the booking form with information about the: customer, period of stay, number of overnights, number of adults and children, type of room for accommodation. In the reservation, children are considered clients not completed age of 12 years by the date of arrival /i.e. 11,99 yrs./

The prices in hotel Orios are brutto, including VAT, community tax, and hotel insurance.
The amount for the accommodation of the customer/customers is total to be paid by the client, according to the number of overnights, age of the client, and the eventual discount. All details are cleared and explained by the hotel representative before the payment is done by the client. The agreed amount for accommodation must be paid before the client/clients are accommodated/checked-in in the room/rooms in the hotel.


Via bank-transfer : Payment of the whole amount must be done latest at the date confirmed by the reservation. After the payment is executed a confirmation for the payment /payment order, bank confirmation, cash withdrawal/ must be sent to the email address of the hotel : where the reservation number of the booking must be included as reference. By online banking all the details of the payment must be sent to too.
IMPORTANT: In case the hotel reservation is not paid as confirmed by the booking and/or in case of bank transfer payment the confirmation document is not delivered to the hotel, Your booking/reservation will be automatically cancelled in the HRS /reservation system of the hotel/. In case you are not able to execute the payment for a reservation you have to inform our hotel representatives by email to or by phone calling +359 879 10 10 12. When breaking this condition hotel Orios has the right to ask and insist on compensation and penalties for the non-paid reservations! When the reservation is for accommodation next day is preferable to execute payment by debit /credit cards or direct cash payment to the bank account of the hotel. This helps quick final confirmation of the reservation.
These conditions are valid for all reservations done via internet on
All questions regarding the on-line reservations are to be delivered to our email address We are reachable 24/7 on our phone +359 879 413 400 too.


In case on side of the client comes to cancellation, or no-show , or any changes of the prepaid reservation , the hotel will implement the following penalties , depending on the period of the stay:

    • In the period from 26.06.2021 to 29.08.2021 /including/ cancellation is possible up to 14 days before the date of arrival/accommodation. After that, a penalty for 2 /two/ overnight is invoiced by the hotel and due by the client.
    • In the period until 25.06.2021 /including/ and after 30.08.2021 /including/ cancellation is possible up to 7 days before the date of arrival/accommodation. After that, a penalty for 1 /one/ overnight is invoiced by the hotel and due by the client.

In cases of refunds all the bank costs are covered by the client
In cases of refunds for payments done by payment cards, the refund will be done to the card used during the process of payment.